fat man and little boy
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Fat Man and Little Boy is one of Flavorwire's top 50 independent fiction and poetry books of 2014.

At The Millions, Nick Ripatrazone writes: "Fat Man and Little Boy is what it would sound like if Dylan Thomas wrote about the atomic bomb. ... Meginnis’s talent is his ability to make the reader feel empathy for souls who killed so many. ... Many pages in this novel feel like engravings."

I shared writing advice with Writer's Digest and Poets & Writers.

J.J. O'Donoghue of The Japan Times writes: "Enter Mike Meginnis and his novel Fat Man and Little Boy, which takes the bombings of Hirsohima and Nagasaki as the nexus for an oddly impressive debut novel."

At Lit Reactor, Cath Murphy writes: "With guileless prose, Meginnis uses his two heroes to gently skewer America, the holocaust industry and war movies, which makes for a reading experience similar to being pummeled by a Mickey Mouse with giant plush hands – delightfully, perversely enjoyable. I loved every minute of it."

Publishers Weekly calls the book "imaginative ... surprising and incisive."

The Library Journal featured Fat Man and Little Boy twice: once in a list of debut novels, and once as one of 25 key indie fiction titles.

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